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AJODA language school

Useful facts about the AJODA language school.

Who we are

We are the AJODA language school

Established in 2001

Business ID: 72352485

The company trades as a natural person according to The Trade Act and is not registered in the trade registry.

What we offer

  • long and short-term courses
  • courses for individuals and groups
  • exam preparatory courses
  • conversation with native speakers
  • ONLINE courses, tuition over SKYPE
  • OFFLINE courses (of grammar, vocabulary and writing skills)
  • language and discovery-oriented excursions
  • more products & services available by arrangement.

Where we teach

Summer courses take place in Jihlava and Prague.

Classrooms at: Podskalská 1909/51
128 00 Praha 2

We also teach offsite in locations requested by clients, e.g. in their homes, companies, hotel conference rooms, etc.

Write us

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The billing address

Helenínská 287/83
586 01 Jihlava

Contact us...

...if you are not happy with the dates, locations or course syllabi

...if you haven't been able to choose from our existing range of courses

...if haven't found required information

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We are happy to get back to you with further details and bespoke offers!

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