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Summer Courses 2020


  • a long tradition (since 2001)
  • experienced professional teachers from universities and grammar schools
  • small groups (approx. 8 people)
  • flexible activities programme (to suit learner interests and subject to weather conditions)
  • bespoke course syllabi (tailored to students´ wishes and requirements entered in applications)
  • with us you not only study the language but also experience Czech culture in an authentic environment (we will also discover lesser-known spots off tourist trails, authentic popular pubs with local specialities, you will learn to cook Czech dishes, you will have a chance to converse with native speakers and so much more)

Summer Courses offer

Summer course I.

Termin: sunday 26. 7. 2020 – friday 31. 7. 2020

Place: Prague

Price: 539,- EUR

Summer course II.

Termin: sunday 2. 8. 2020 – saturday 8. 8. 2020

Place: Jihlava

Price: 429,- EUR

Summer course III.
Termin: sunday 9. 8. 2020 – saturday 15. 8. 2020

Place: Jihlava

Price: 429,- EUR

Summer course I. + II.

Termin: sunday 26. 7. 2020 – saturday 8. 8. 2020

Place: Prague + Jihlava

Price: 909,- EUR

Summer course II. + III.

Termin: sunday 2. 8. 2020 – saturday 15. 8. 2020

Place: 2x Jihlava

Price: 799,- EUR

Summer course I. + II. + III.

Termin: sunday 26. 7. 2020 – saturday 15. 8. 2020

Place: Prague + 2x Jihlava

Price: 1.169,- EUR

Information about the Summer Courses

Czech language classes – are taught in CONVERSATIONAL FORM and are focused on PRACTICAL USE. Special emphasis will be placed on vocabulary consolidation and extension (the topics will be matched to your requests – please state them in the attached binding application). Grammatical issues which arise during conversations, will also be explained in practical examples.

Practical part of the course – your gained LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE CAN BE PRACTISED and extended right away in the afternoon practical part of the course (cooking course, excursions, tandem evenings, trips …).

The activities programme – POST-LESSON AFTERNOON, EVENING AND WEEKEND EVENTS await you. Naturally, participation in the activities programme is VOLUNTARY, i.e. participation is voluntary and subject to personal interests. You can find find the preliminary programme HERE (PDF). The programme will be fine-tuned with the participants before the start date to reflect current weather conditions and requests. We always go the extra mile to accommodate your needs and requests. For those who come for more than a week, an all-weekend tour is organised!


  • 20 lessons of 45 mins per week

  • morning Czech classes
    + afternoon practical part of the course
    + the activities programme
  • The number of participants in a group approx. 8
  • Study materials: our own study materials + additional materials
  • Teachers: qualified and experienced teachers (from universities, language schools and grammar schools), who have cooperated with us for years


  • Prague: hotel *** (includes breakfast in hotel)
  • Jihlava: the hotel part *** of a student dormitory (includes a simple breakfast)
    OR homestay
  • single- (at extra cost) or double bedroom – at your request
  • other accommodation options available by arrangement


  • Prague: the price for hotel accommodation includes breakfast
  • Jihlava: the course fee includes a simple breakfast
  • participants cover the cost of other meals (lunch and dinner)
  • the estimated prices: set-meal lunch with a drink is within the 120-180 Kč range

Registation preocedure

  • For the Summer Course 2020 you can register HERE.
  • After that, you will you will receive an e-mail with detailed information and the binding  application. Please fill it in ONLINE + pay the registration fee (150,- Euro / 1 week) no later than 15. 5. 2020(Late registration is possible only by agreement with the organizers.)
  • The registration fee is part of the course price.
  • Minimum number of participants is 6
  • Max. 30 participants

Course fees and payment

  • you will receive an e-mail with detailed information about the payment
  • Included in the fee: language course, training materials, compulsory programme, standard accommodation in shared double-bedrooms
  • Not included in the fee: travel expenses to the Czech Republic, activities programme, board, premium accommodation, fares, transfer from Prague to Jihlava 
  • Additional surcharge for accommodation in a single bedroom:
    • Prague: 25,- Euro per week
    • Jihlava: 20,- Euro per week
  • An accompanying person: courses not included, just accommodation in shared double-bedrooms, including the compulsory programme
    • I. 399,- Euro / II. 309,- Euro / III. 309,- Euro
    • I.+II. 649,- Euro / II.+III. 529,- Euro
    • I.+II.+III. 879,- Euro

Cancellation fees

  • Should the course be cancelled, for instance in the event that fewer than the minimum number of participants have enrolled, the application fee will be refunded in full.
  •  If you decide to cancel your enrolment after submitting the registration form and paying the application fee:
    • by     15. 5. =    0 % of application fee
    • after 15. 5. = 100 % of application fee

Arrival of participants

  • I. course: on SUNDAY 26. 7. 2020 afternoon
  • II. course: on SUNDAY 2. 8. 2020 afternoon
  • III. course: on SUNDAY 9. 8. 2020 afternoon
  • meeting details (time and place) will be sent to you by e-mail
  • should you arrive earlier or later than planned, please let us know (SMS, Phone-call, E-mail)
  • saccommodation prior to and after the course available for a surcharge

Departure of participants

  • I. course: on FRIDAY 31. 7. 2020 afternoon
  • II. course: on SATURDAY 8. 8. 2020 morning
  • III. course: on SATURDAY 15. 8. 2020 morning
  • if you want to leave earlier or later, please let us know (SMS, Phone-call, E-mail)
  • accommodation prior to and after the course available for a surcharge


  • Changes are possible!
  • Course participants will be informed of any changes in advance.

Contact us...

...if you are not happy with the dates, locations or course syllabi

...if you haven't been able to choose from our existing range of courses

...if haven't found required information

...for further enquiries




We are happy to get back to you with further details and bespoke offers!

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